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DEFi Wallet is the elite solution for your AR NFT Marketplace.
Swap, farm and yield assets with trust and confidence.


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Competitive Analysis

Low Fees
Anti Whale
Trading Fee Cashback
No Rugpull Code
Decentralized Referral Link
Anti Flash Loan
Multichain Possibility
Fiat Cashout from Defi Wallet
Yield Farming
Epic pass
NFT Market place

Built on Multi Chain

Create NFTs with Ease

One click is all it takes. Next, set a price, start earning, and your NFT auction will come next.

DEFi Farming & Royalties

Earn DFX tokens buying and selling NFTs. Use royalties for secondary sales.

DEFi Launchpad

Up and coming artists can take advantage of our launchpad to boost their following and grow their audience.


Protect your privacy and data with the DEFI Wallet paired with the DX Pro Phantom Phone.

No more centralized of your cellular data. With the DX Pro Phantom phone, you choose who buys your data.

Welcome to the EVOLUTION.

Defi Wallet Testimonials

“Web3 can be a little overwhelming and frankly scary, having the Defi Wallet has given me piece of mind as well as secondary income”

Isabella Mia Crypto Newbie

“Finnally a wallet that has all the features and security I have been looking for”

Andrea S Web3 Dev

“The Defi Wallet combined with the DX Pro Phantom is what the I needed. Love the referral program”

Frank NFT Whale

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