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The First and Only R3 Secure DeFi Wallet DeFi Wallet is the elite solution for your AR NFT Marketplace. Swap. farm and yield assets with trust and confidence.
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Secure Transactions At Your Fingertips We leverage the distributed ledger to enable the development of next-gen multi-party applications. The union of R3 with confidential computing tech gives you solid peace of mind that your data and your transactions are guarded at every step.
Competitive Analysis
Low Fees Anti-Whale Trading-Fee-Cashback* No Rugpull-Code Decenteralized Referral Link Anti-Flash-Loan Multichain Possibility* Fiat Cashout from Defi-Wallet Prediction Trading* IFO
* follow soon
built on binance smart chain
Built on Binance Smart Chain
DEFI Farming & Royalties Earn DFX tokens by buying and selling NFTs and use any royalties for secondary sales.
DEFI Launchpad Up-and-coming artists can take advantage of our launchpad to boost their following and grow their audience.
Create NFTs with ease One click is all it takes. Next, set a price, start earning, and your NFT auction will come next.
  • Create, buy, sell, and earn with NFTs
  • Faster and cheaper fees (under 1%)
  • Earn BNB and DEFI for each NFT sale
  • We can accept ETH, Solana, Tron, and BNB, among other currencies through your KYC approved account